Today I was scanning some of the empath discussion groups and someone mentioned a negative feeling they sometimes get from a particular item that came into their possession. Antiques and used items do carry a lot of energies from their travels. Strong emotions can be imprinted into them, as the laser imprints music into a CD. Many antique stores get their items from estate sales, and they can carry extremely heavy energies as these are often due to a death or other difficult circumstances.

Whenever I get something new or used, I do an uncording on it to release any previous energies it may have picked up. Uncording “things” is a lot like uncording people.

If I am uncording crystals, and wherever possible, I will pour salt on the item and leave it in the sun for a time. I shower the item with white light and golden sparkles in my mind, then imagine any cords of connections going back to any previous owner(s), with my blessings, thanks and love. I affirm all previous energies are released and forgiven, and then dedicate the item to its cause or purpose in my life. If I can’t think of something, I simply fill it with an intention of broadcasting peace, love and healing.

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