Note: This Exercise is not the same thing as the psychological “love bombing” game often used by narcissists. 

Psychic love bombing is the simplest, safest, and most effective response to a deliberate or accidental psychic attack, especially when you don’t know where it is coming from. Meditate, relax, and focus your attention around your body. See if you sense any cords or attachments and mentally unhook them, sending them lovingly back to their source of origin. Send along pink, gold, or white light with the most positive, loving feelings that you can bring to mind. Think of people and things that raise a loving feeling inside, and when you feel you have enough energy, push that loving energy in the direction of those who wish you harm. Meditate on the loving feelings until you feel there is a “click” or a feeling of closure. I believe Love Bombing is what is really meant by the challenge to “love thy enemies” in the Bible. It has never failed to have an immediately positive effect, and sometimes the results can be quite remarkable. In some cases you may find former enemies turning into friends, in others, a persistent challenger simply backs off and disappears. On two occasions where I did this, someone I thought was a friend suddenly turned on me, then disappeared from my life. I immediately realized we were both much better off. The best part about this meditation is it almost always works – even when you don’t know who is behind the attack! And there is no “karmic payback”. Some ritual methods, such as binding or taking revenge, can come back to you with unwanted and extremely unpleasant effects.

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