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It is a particularly trying time for empaths and the hyper-sensitive right now. Our vulnerability to viral contagion is obvious. But we often forget there is psychic contagion as well. It may seem impossible to overcome the input of over 7 billion anxious, frightened minds, but there are ways you can mediate the impact.

Regular “uncording” is the first step to getting external anxiety under control.  Instead of uncording a person, visualize your anxiety as something solid, like a monster or a ball of ugly color, and uncord from that. If you are tuning into other people’s energy, you will feel a difference right away. This isn’t a one-time exercise; I’m doing it whenever I feel anxiety welling up inside me. Sometimes it doesn’t help, and when that happens, I journal and meditate, as I know it’s something I need to process.

Journaling “old-school” is one of the best ways to release anxiety and fears. A pen and paper are all that are required. I personally like to keep a digital copy of my journaling, but I find it more effective to actually write things down. Write down all your thoughts and feelings, no matter how wild they may seem at the time. They are your feelings, they are important, they matter. If you are afraid of anyone finding them, destroy them once you are done.

It is also a good idea to practice regular grounding, and the other psychic exercises available here. In particular, see the “White Light Exercise” and “Love Bombing“. I like the idea of Love Bombing the whole planet right now. These exercises are particularly effective for the highly sensitive, but I have been told by some skeptics that they help from a purely psychological perspective, even though they are not believers. It doesn’t matter whether you really are absorbing other people’s energies, or merely think you are. If it works for you, great, keep doing it. If not, keep trying out different things, eventually you will find something that helps you get back into a positive space again.

I welcome your feedback on the Living With Your Psychic Gifts Facebook page. Let me know if these exercises help, and what else you are doing for your psychic and emotional health.

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