Grounding is the simplest and most overlooked psychic exercise. It involves re-connecting to the earth or the ground, so excess energy can be diffused. The psychic grounding process is nearly identical to the electrical grounding process.

If you are able to get outside, simply bend down (remember to bend your knees) and touch bare earth. Occasionally you will feel an actual discharge of energy or a feeling of release. If you wish, you can imagine or visualize a cord of energy traveling from the centre of your body to the centre of the earth. This can also work if you cannot get outside.

One of the main symptoms of being ungrounded is feeling “scattered”. You may also feel anxiety, and in extreme cases, electrical sensations in the arms or torso. If you feel such sensations, immediately dip your hands and feet in cold water. If you find you suffer from being ungrounded a lot you may be a hyper-sensitive. It is a good idea for hyper-sensitives to avoid alcohol, tobacco, drugs and vegetarian diets. A small amount of meat and large amounts of legumes are good for grounding. If you feel you are ungrounded, avoid clear quartz crystals: wear onyx or hematite instead.

Keep in mind: it may take weeks of consistent grounding before you begin to feel better, especially if you are particularly sensitive. Any psychic work you do, any emotional trauma will make you feel ungrounded again. This practice is something you must make part of your lifestyle. There is no “quick fix”.

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