As there has been almost no traffic on the  Living With Your Psychic Gifts Discussion Group in some time, I am closing and archiving the group. However, you are still welcome to friend me on Facebook, and to follow the Living With Your Psychic Gifts Discussion Group page there:

 I would prefer questions about psychic ability be asked on the page. But I always welcome new friends on my personal page, and at my other social media pages:

As always I am happy to answer any questions about psychic ability in general, but I do not do psychic readings anymore myself. I have a list of recommended psychics I am happy to provide if you are needing a reading. You can send me a message from most of my social media pages or from the contact page on Living With Your Psychic Gifts.

Thanks to you all for joining this group, and for contributing to a wonderful archive of psychic information.

#LWYPG is “Living With Your Psychic Gifts”

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