Limpets on a Rock - Pixabay

Empaths and psychics often refer to a dimension close to our own as the “Astral Plane”. There are beings on this plane of existence that cannot be seen by the naked eye, but those with the ability can sense them. They come in many forms, temperaments, and personalities, and some mimic the shape and predatory behavior of insects, animals, or parasites.

Some of these creatures look a lot like a large limpet, a form of barnacle. They often attach themselves to a part of the body where the human in question is in pain or injured. They energetically feed off pain or from holes in the human aura. If you feel you are being drained from a specific area of the body, you might have an astral limpet.

The “White Light” and “Uncording” exercises can be combined to gently detach limpets. Mentally surround the area with white light to dislodge them and send them inside a ball of light to the center of the Sun. Affirm that they will be dealt with appropriately in a love-based way. After you feel they are dislodged, fill in the area, and your entire energy field with gold light and loving, healing intention. Affirm that only the highest love-based intention or entities can enter your energy field.

It may take some time, but over time, if you perform this exercise regularly, you should notice improvements in body and mind. Whenever you feel weakness, either energetically, mentally or physically, do the removal exercise. If there is no improvement, check with your doctor to rule out any physical or medical issues.