Uncording - Removing Psychic Cords for Empaths and Psychics

Cording is a form of psychic bond that binds two people together emotionally. Most cases of cording are accidental. Some are natural, and even helpful on occasion (when they happen with love and mutual consent). Most commonly, however, they are a symptom of a power struggle that can manifest as a dysfunctional or abusive relationship. Uncording is the process of removing these cords, and it can have powerful and positive effects.

Clairvoyants can actually see these cords, and depending on their appearance, can tell two people a great deal about the relationship. You don’t need to be clairvoyant to release cords. Go into a meditative state, and see if you can sense any cords or attachments. I sort of imagine them as bungee cords. Even if you don’t exactly feel or sense any cords, imagine that there is a string of energy connecting to you. When you are ready, send a pulse of loving energy through the cord, then release or unhook yourself from it, and let it go. Sometimes you will feel a “snapping” sensation when you are successful at uncording. Affirm that you are ready to release the cord(s), and that all energy coming from others should be returned to them, with love, and for the greater good of all concerned.

You do not need to specify a given individual to uncord from, though you can, if you have someone in mind. Sometimes it is better not to specify, because the person who you want to uncord from isn’t the one who is actually causing a problem.

Do not “cut” cords. Gently release or unhook them in your mind instead. I have found cutting is harsh, can lead to aura energy leaks, and it isn’t necessary. Uncording gently is every bit as effective as cutting cords.

I uncord several times a day, but my energy body is very “sticky”. I pick up cords all the time. I do recommend every empath or intuitive does it twice daily, at the very least. You may notice that you feel a lot more peaceful and relaxed, if you do it on a regular basis.

It is important to keep in mind that you cannot harm someone by uncording – nor does it mean that you must end the relationship. You can only cause harm if you attempt to uncord others without their permission.

Fretful parents who have a child involved in a corded relationship have on occasion approached me for help in “uncording” their child. I give them the same advice that I believe most skeptical non-believers would, “Keep your nose out of it until you are asked for help!”

If you intervene without permission from at least one side, it will come back to haunt you. I recall one mother who did not listen to this advice. Her daughter is no longer speaking to her, and she’s become the object of harassment from her daughter’s former lover. I believe all she managed to do was move the cords from her daughter to herself. The bottom line is she violated a cardinal karmic law, she attempted to enforce her will over two others. She forgot that cords cannot form without consent, and they cannot be dissolved without consent. She ended up doing the very thing she despised in others. That’s not only hypocritical, it is plain wrong, regardless of one’s motives – and it’s dangerous.

If you can see a strong cord, but cannot tell your loved one about it in psychic terms, express your concern in more traditional ways. Tell them you are concerned that the other person is overwhelming or controlling them. Ask if you can pray for them. Visualization is a form of prayer. If they grant you permission to pray, ask for Divine blessing before you proceed (according to your faith), and affirm that what you do be in accordance with Divine Will or is to be implemented “…in the higher good of all concerned.”