After a long hiatus, Living With Your Psychic Gifts is back in print! Our home for the next few days is on CreateSpace, and we will soon be available on (It should be live on Amazon by January 19-20).

Yes, astrological friends I know I re-launched during a Mercury Retrograde. Take that! (laugh). I just felt it was time. I wasn’t going to wait any longer. And a “relaunch” can work during this kind of period.

The print version is expanded, has new information and exercises, and contains the same tried and tested techniques for calming over-active psychic abilities.

The e-book remains available, and complimentary e-book copies are available for members of the media, bloggers, and active social media enthusiasts who are willing to write reviews (on your own social media pages, and for use here on the LWYPG site only – I’m not able to provide review copies for Amazon reviews, as this might violate their review policy there).

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