Solar FlareEd Dames is a well known “prognosticator” and teacher of Remote Viewing. I’m not a big fan of “predictions” in general, nor of Dames in particular. I do think he has some useful techniques like his “timing protocol”, and an over-all reasonable record of accuracy, but he unnecessarily exaggerates that accuracy.

Dame’s timing protocols are what he was using to time the “kill shot” event, his prediction of a solar flare disaster. He said a shuttle event would take place first, then within days the kill shot. So when you see “Event A” you will know that “Event B” will follow close behind.

I argued that the protocols were about 80-90% fulfilled a few years ago. It’s just he doesn’t accept them because the earth wasn’t in fact destroyed. Almost everything else he predicted though *did* indeed happen. But if Dames were to admit that 1) he wouldn’t have a nice juicy apocalypse to keep getting back on radio to hype and 2) he would have to admit he was only partly right. I wonder what he’s saying now that the shuttles have been grounded? Haven’t heard much from him since then.

I don’t think it’s so bad to admit you got it 80-90% right. I also don’t see anything helpful in scaring the crap out of people over events you say they cannot change (which Dames does quite often). He’s adamant that he’s always right, something that would trouble me even if 1) he was always right, which he hasn’t been, 2) he wasn’t taking a dime and 3) everything that he said was sunshine and Kumbaya.

If he was truly avoiding the “doom” label he wouldn’t go on the air every six months like clockwork with another horrific prediction then tell people there is no avoiding it, I’m sorry. I don’t buy the victim act he puts on when he’s pressed about that. He has a choice whether or not to keep pushing this time line back.

True, fear motivates people … for good or ill, and overwhelmingly mostly for ill. I don’t know what he’s supposed to be motivating us to do since he’s said the “kill shot” will wipe out 90% of the population and there is nowhere you can go to avoid it. Seems to me he wants to motivate us to buy his CDs. I would have no issue with that if he wasn’t using fear to do it. He’s still hawking CDs and “safezone” maps on his web site(s) as far as I can tell. Though tellingly, some of the prices seem to have dropped considerably.

I’m also concerned about the cult-like following he seems to be amassing. They all seem to get the same results, and Dames claims special status for that. He suggests if they are all getting the same result, they must be connecting to “Source”, and thus this gives them more credibility. They have a track record, no better or worse than any other group of remote viewers. And they see things the other groups do not.

The one common factor is these people train with Dames. It seems obvious to me that teacher influence can account for the homogenized results he’s claiming, especially with regards to the “kill shot”. I have worked in similar groups, and it becomes obvious that the groups are psychically tuning into each other or to the leader of the group. Double-blind isn’t applicable to psychics! (laugh) I remember one “informal” survey I did where no less than a dozen psychics told me I would marry the same guy and they were all adamant he was not gay. Darlin’ he was as gay as it gets. They were tuning into a zeitgeist of their own making. I’m comfortable assuming that’s what’s happening with Dames’ students.

I am not one who believes people must be spiritually pure to be accurate psychically. I have known too many dysfunctional, alcoholic, side-show psychics who could nonetheless blow you away with their accuracy. And like Caroline Myss, I know plenty who don’t “OM”, eat meat and live very secular lives yet have terrific intuition. Nor does having this ability automatically make one spiritual. It’s a normal human talent, like art or music. Some folks are better at it than others, but it’s a gift God offers us all, regardless of our spiritual intent. There are lots of people getting away with abusing it, unfortunately. Of course if you are out of harmony with yourself, that may affect your judgment, but that’s a psychological process, not necessarily a psychic one, imnsho.

Finally – any public figure is fair game for criticism. All I am calling for is for people to do their homework and use their common sense before they follow anyone’s teaching – and I include my own teaching in that statement.

Solar Flare Image By NASA –, Public Domain, Link

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