When asked under whose authority she was acting, the clerk responded: “Under God’s authority.”

Kim Davis is still denying marriage licenses for same-sex couples in Kentucky, and now she and her staff…


This story reminds me of a situation I once faced. Vancouver’s Granville Island Public Market allows a small number of entertainers, buskers, and that summer I made a fairly reasonable income reading palms for donations. They liked me there, because unlike the musicians, who made a lot of noise (either good or bad), I was quiet and didn’t bother anyone. To this day, to my knowledge, I am the only palmist/psychic with a letter of recommendation from Granville Island – on Government of Canada letterhead no less. 

This one cold, wet, fall afternoon, I was sitting in the mostly empty market, dreading coming home without any money for the day, when I finally got a client. As I read for him out of the corner of my eye, I saw a very well-dressed fellow approaching me. “Preacher” I heard in my inner mind. Oh no. My heart sunk as he started in on both of us. After several minutes of haranguing, my client got up, pressed a few extra dollars in my hand and beat a swift retreat.

As he carried on, casting demons out of me in the name of Jesus, and commanding me to be quiet each time I responded, I noticed that we were gathering a crowd. Out of the back of the crowd, I noticed two large, burly security guards heading towards us. The preacher insisted once again that I be silent and leave in the name of Jesus. To which I responded with my driest sarcasm that if he did not be silent I would make him leave in the name of Granville Island Security. 

He spun slowly on his heel and there stood the two enormous guards, with arms crossed across their chests, with huge grins on their faces. The crowd burst into applause, and I had a lineup of people waiting for readings. I think it was probably the best day I had all that year.

Ms. Davis is about to find out that God’s authority does not trump State law. She is being given some incredibly bad advice. Someone needs to look into her church and find out what they are teaching there. Not only is she breaking the law, she’s also on very flimsy Biblical grounds. 
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